Spot Fake Reviews with this Cool Feature on Amazon

find fake reviews on amazon

Amazon is one of the best online shopping platforms, not only in India, but in the entire world. People love to shop online and their preference to shop online has increased after COVID-19 situation.

While shopping on Amazon, people often check the reviews. People are more likely supposed to buy products having good ratings and reviews. A product having good amount of 5 star reviews will get more sales as compared to the products with 3 star or 4 star rating.

While it’s a good idea to check the ratings and reviews before buying any product, there may be some cases where the reviews that you are reading are fake. First of all, please remember that buying fake reviews on Amazon is strictly prohibited by Amazon. You must report fake reviews to Amazon if you find any.

In this blog, I am going to discuss about one cool feature on Amazon that will help you to find fake reviews on Amazon. It’s a really cool feature that you might have ignored so far. Excited to know about this feature? Please read ahead.

How to sport fake reviews on Amazon

The feature that will help you find fake reviews on Amazon is “Read reviews that mention”. If you don’t understand what I just said, then don’t worry. I will now explain this feature in detail. This feature will be available on any product that has a lot of reviews.

For example, please you check the product page of Samsung Galaxy M31s shown below.

samsung galaxy m31s

Check on Amazon


It has a lot of reviews. So you can see the “Read reviews that mention” section just above the reviews section as shown in the image below.

Read reviews that mention - a section in Amazon product page

The above section filters out the phrases that are used many times in the reviews written by the buyers. This forms the basis of “finding fake reviews”. If you click on any of the phrases in this section, it will open all the reviews that contain that particular phrase. For example, if you click on “value for money”, then all the reviews containing the phrase “value for money” will be opened. Isn’t it a cool feature? Now let’s use this feature to find fake reviews. I have tried it on many products, and believe me, I have found a lot of fake reviews so far.

Steps to find fake reviews

  1. Open the product page and scroll down to the “Read reviews that mention” section.
  2. Click on any phrase and read the 5 star reviews containing that phrase.
  3. If you find 2 or more reviews with almost the same content, then there are chances that those reviews are fake.

Now I will give you a live example so that you understand the steps very well. There is a product called “mountainor Plant Based Collagen Builder Capsules“. If you go to the “Read reviews that mention” section of this product and click on “kind of shaggy”, you will see all the reviews containing this phrase. If you read those reviews, they are exactly same word by word. Please see the below screenshot.

fake reviews

How can different buyers post exactly same reviews? You can clearly see that these are fake reviews bought by the seller. I hope you that now you understand the process to find fake reviews. It’s very easy!

Go and use this feature on other products. You will be able to distinguish between real reviews and the fake ones. Please note that there may be some scenario where the wordings of the reviews might have been changed a bit to make them unique. But they all will convey a common message.

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