Rank your Website on Google – Step by Step Guide

SEO Guide for Google first page rank in India

Startups are rising in India and businesses are trying hard to compete with each other. The success of any startup depends on its marketing strategy. Businesses spend a lot of money on Ads and social media to promote their products and services. However, they usually ignore one important apect of Digital marketing, i.e. SEO.

SEO is a term familiar to many bloggers and businesses. However, majority of them don’t know the actual meaning and significance of SEO. So first, let me explain you what SEO is and how it can affect your Business or Blog.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the most important part of Digital Marketing. SEO is divided into 2 parts:

On Page SEO: This includes structural changes on your website to better optimize it for your target keywords as well as for search engine crawlers. Things covered in this part of SEO include Meta tags optimization, Heading tags (H1, H2…), ALT Tags, keyword density, internal linking, Page Speed, and so on.

Off Page SEO: It includes SEO activities performed outside your website like link-building.

How SEO affects your Business or Blog

Success of any business depends on its visibility to its target customers. Although, you can target your customers via advertising (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.), but for long term, SEO plays an important role. SEO helps to rank your Business website or Blog on first page of search engines like Google for your target keywords.

If you run a hearing aide business in Lucknow and your site appears on top of Google when someone searches for “hearing aide Lucknow”, then it can increase your business quite easily in Lucknow. Although first page ranking will make things easier for you, but it is not easy to get first page ranking for your target keywords. Read further to get the best tips to rank your website on first page of Google.

Steps to rank your website on first page of Google

Now the important part comes. You will have to follow the following steps in the same order mentioned below.

Step 1) Keyword Research

This is the initial step. You will have to research and find the most profitable keywords for your website. Keyword research is very important because your entire SEO work is related to your target keywords. You will have to find the most searched keywords in your niche. Its important to find high traffic keywords because these keywords bring traffic and potential customers.

Keywords research is an important step. Don’t do it yourself if you’re not expert in keyword research. You can find many keyword research experts on Fiverr who can do this job for as low as $5. An expert will provide you a list of top keywords in your niche along with parameters like search volume and competition. Keywords with high competition are difficult to rank while keywords with low competition are comparatively easier to rank. So, it is always a good practice to keep majority of your target keywords the ones that have low competition and decent amount of traffic. Shortlist the 10 keywords from your keyword research and proceed to the next step.

Step 2) Check your SERP

Once you have finalized the top 10 keywords for your website, it’s time to check your website’s SERP for those keywords. You will have to check your website’s current position on Google for your target keywords. There are many tools that you can use to track your rankings for free. My favorite Free SERP checker is SerpRobot.

Step 3) On-site changes

Based on the 10 keywords shortlisted in step 1, you will have to optimize your website.

Keyword Density

Make sure the content of your website contains these keywords. However, don’t stuff your keywords too much because it will make your content look self promoting; and Google doesn’t like such content. It’s a good practice to keep your keyword density between 1% to 2%. You can always consult an expert on Fiverr or Peopleperhour to check your content’s keyword density and optimize it. It won’t cost you much.

Meta Tags

There are various Meta tags that you must optimize based on your keywords. However, I am telling you only 2 that you can consider as part of this quick guide to rank your website on Google’s first page.

Meta Title or Title Tag: Make sure your website’s Title contains your main keyword. The length of your site’s title must be less than or equal to 69 characters. This is because Google will truncate anything above that in the search result.

Meta Description: Meta description of your website should be less than 144 characters. Here you have the opportunity to include more keywords than meta title. But make sure that description looks meaningful.

There are several other On-page changes that you can do, but this guide only includes limited number of steps required to give you results.

Step 4) Update your changes on Google

You must tell Google to recrawl your website to detect the latest changes made by you. The best way to do it is by using Google Webmaster Tools. You can sign up there for free and add your site via the search console. After making any On-Page change, you must re-index that page via Google Webmaster Tools so that your site’s data is updated on Google.

Step 5) Off-site SEO

Now is the time for some link-building stuff. Backlinks help your site to gain Authority and improve your search rankings for your target keywords. You will have to create backlinks for the top 10 keywords that you finalized in step 1. Link building should be done on relevant sites for maximum benefits. But that can cost you a lot of money.

As per my experience, generic link building also works for new websites. You can buy any link building package on Fiverr or Peopleperhour. But you have to be careful because most of the packages may have negative impact on your search ranking and they may result in a penalty. So, I would suggest you to do some research.

If you don’t have time for researching the best packages, then I can help you. I have tried a lot of SEO packages on Fiverr and Peopleperhour. But the one that always works for me is this – Linkbuilding package. You can buy this package and the link building job will be completed within 15 days. But remember not to over utilize generic link building. This is a one time activity. If you ever want to do link building after this generic one, make sure you do it on sites relevant to your niche.

After you have completed all the above steps, make sure to check your search position on Google regularly. As per my experience, you will definitely see an improvement in rank within 2 weeks. Please share your results in the comments section below so that I can see whether my SEO quick guide is working for you or not.

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